I’ve been sent these messages (these are just HALF of them) by the same  drunk loser  disturbed person saying he wants to rape me and perform sex acts on me unconscious. (Sex acts on an unconscious person? Sounds like a Brock Turner wanna-be!) I know who it is, let’s just call him “Project” now to be professional. You see, I’ve had several uncomfortable encounters with Project in high school, many of a stalking nature. One incident was where he waited outside the ladies’ room entrance so he can harass me and one where he found a cell phone number of mine and called on a blocked number one night (but turned it around to say I did it to him to throw out all blame on him to cover his ass). There were other uncomfortable incidents which I care not to speak of. Funny thing is, I’ve NEVER been acquainted with this worthless, slimy, little eel person and yet he has this dangerous obsession with me.

*I’m updating this after two years because I think it’s best for everyone to witness these and judge for themselves. (Is sending someone 30 rape threats normal and non-threatening? Do you want some creature like that lurking in your wholesome little community?)*

I have contacted the police about these 30 heinous messages, and yet they kept transferring me to another department and nothing was done at that time. However, I had the luck of having the IP traced and it gave me a valid region location to the individual who was sending me these disgusting messages. The sneaky prick was trying to use an anonymous emailer, but failed to realize that I got more information off the IP address he left behind.


rapethreats 1rape threats 2


Here is the latitude and longitude converter that helped me trace the IP where the messages were coming from.


(*Of all places, the IP location was in Mt. Greenwood, with its strong police presence and upstanding community members!)


In conclusion, YA DUN GOOFED.

Consequences Will Never Be the Same


5 thoughts on “Stop Sending Me Rape Threats

    1. carascrows Post author

      Yes, yes I am. I don’t care if you’re naming names at this point. If he wanted to threaten me with rape online (in addition to the years of harassment in high school), then he can deal with the consequences like a big boy!

  1. carascrows Post author

    It’s so funny how people of Mt. Greenwood don’t like people of color around because they “make trouble in that community”, but after I showed them evidence that one of their community members actually sent me over thirty rape threats, they act like I brought it on myself, and they act as though he is a “good Christian boy, he’d never do that, he wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Bullshit.


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