In Defense of Jennifer Lawrence

jlaw Over Labor Day weekend, a hacker obtained explicit photos of accomplished actress Jennifer Lawrence and many other women. The internet swarmed with individuals eager to look at her photos  for their own selfish purposes and there were other people remarking “how stupid she was for having the pictures taken.” That is a foolish argument and I’ll tell you why: if someone WANTS to exploit you, they will find the means to do it and not just by Photoshopping nude women..

Many moons ago when I was in high school, I was assigned a locker room with two other girls I never talked to, yet for some reason they took a snapshot of me half-dressed without my knowledge and then they had it on Facebook. Now are you going to tell me that I should have just “dressed in the stall?” or some other rape-apologist rhetoric? What about Kate Middleton’s vacation incident where a paparazzo took a photo of her naked? What about the female sports newscaster who had a Peeping Tom get video of her undressing with a spy cam through a hole in the wall? Were they simply asking for it? Or what about the teacher who took a discreet cam to get photos of girls going to the bathroom, were they supposed to “hold it in til they got home?” I also wrote here how a grown MAN was sending me rape threats for God knows what reasons. I don’t have pictures of myself on here because of him. Are you going to tell me I should just stop blogging so he won’t get the satisfaction to do it?

As a society we are becoming too comfortable to blame the person who is being victimized. We have to enforce that these are crimes and are unacceptable.


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