I Said Yes to Someone Out of Pity


I know I’ve talked about the friend-zone too many times before, but I do remember an uncomfortable experience where I dated someone I WAS NOT attracted to. 

This was the summer I was fifteen and met someone at a small karaoke club. This person was friends with my friends and I liked that it enlarged my network. I liked making small talk with this person and I exchanged numbers with him and thought nothing of it. After all, I just wanted to get to meet new people. . Not long after talking and texting this person, he already wanted me to go out with him and kept sending texts how much he already “really liked me.” I knew it was strange, and he came off as extremely desperate. This guy looked like Honey-Boo-Boo and he was gross: sweaty, heavy-breather, chunky, etc. and he was into me. Since I didn’t want to be shallow and immature I reluctantly agreed to date him. I thought perhaps he’d have some personality or something else to compensate for his grossness. I WAS WRONG. 

By the time I met him once again, he only made me uncomfortable. He would try touching me, get in my personal boundaries, and he constantly smelled of sweat and drool. When I went in the movie theater to see Transformers 2, he would try rubbing my inner thigh and I tried blocking it out. I wouldn’t return any of his advances and I sure as hell wasn’t enjoying the movie! Afterward, he dared to ask me to “go somewhere alone.” Clearly this person was trying to get ahead of himself and I tried making it clear I wasn’t enthusiastic to “date” him. Fortunately, I did have to leave early and I didn’t have to answer to his pitiful and disgusting advances.

After that awkward encounter, I texted him some time and he was already asking to be intimate with me. I said I wasn’t interested in that. Later on, he “broke up” with me because “I wasn’t available enough” for him. 

So, I gave this person a chance and he already wanted to push my limits. He wasn’t really being a “friend”, he only wanted to be “friends with me” because he thought I’d take his gross advances to the next level. 

I TRULY wished I just turned him down, but politely of course.

It was an odd turn of events that he thinks he “broke up with me” but I’m glad I no longer saw that person. 

To all of you whining about the “friend-zone”, this would be the end result if your crush agreed to date you, they STILL wouldn’t be attracted to you, and they may think even less of you and never want to see you again. After all, it wouldn’t be nice to know someone dated you out of sheer sympathy and not that they liked you.


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