No, we still need Feminism!

It’s time to talk about the real issue that lies at hand.. The world still perpetuates the sick idea that women are objects..

Let’s see here..

Nearly a month ago, I talked about a young woman who was fatally stabbed for rejecting a sick individual’s proposal to prom.

A month ago, HUNDREDS of Nigerian school girls have been kidnapped by a bunch of savages in a death cult who think their place is sexual slavery.

Malala Yousef (God bless her soul), was shot in the head for saying she wants her and her friends to go to school.

Now, an OVER-privileged twenty-something male produced this sickening rant on how he was still a virgin and those who rejected him (the “hot blonde sluts”) must be “punished” for it.

This explains itself. It’s not MENTAL ILLNESS it’s MISOGYNY.


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