SEX Slavery

Captivating For Captives

‘Forced prostitution’ or ‘sex slavery’ is not an alternative career choice that simply comes with some extra occupational hazards. These women are not ‘prostitutes’ in the well-known sense of the word. Sure, many women choose to become sex workers and are paid an agreed amount; however there are many women and girls who do NOT choose this life for themselves, but are forced into it.

If you’ve seen the movie Taken (2008), you’ll already have some idea of how the process may work. These women are slaves; they’re not free to make their own choices. They don’t get paid. They are forced to do what they do. On top of that, they have usually been brutally raped at the outset, beaten, threatened, starved, lied to, sometimes drugged and have endured all of this alone and in deep fear for their lives or their families’ lives. They often contract STDs, sometimes…

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