An Open Letter to Hollywood


This is an Open Letter to Hollywood:

Hello Reader. I am Cara. I’m a 22-year-old college student who is concerned with graduating school and how I’m going to pay back all my student loans and support myself long after that.

You know something though? I want to be a modern figure in Hollywood! I don’t sing, act, dance, or provide any kind of “talent” you are looking for. I’m expecting to get $50 million for NOTHING. If all a person needs to make it in this circus that is Hollywood, is to have makeup on and love the camera, why not me? Why not hundreds, or millions of other Americans who want funding for nothing? Why not take my picture for doing NOTHING? Why not grant me the lavish lifestyle just for “appearing beautiful” when it’s clear I’m going to have work done to “keep up” my iconic useless look?

Why not televise my staged marriage and endorse it with enough cash to pay off a person’s college tuition for thousands of years?

What about giving a random person in the street, who has to take the bus to go to his or her undesired job to make ends meet, her or his own show, throw in a book deal too, his or her own cosmetic line, and have them celebrated by the masses for NOTHING but taking up space?


Hollywood, give us a handout for doing NOTHING.


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