California Couple born and died on same day

 This is a pretty sad but interesting story I found. These people, Helen Brown and Les Brown were both born in New Year’s Eve of 1918 and sadly passed away in July of this year. Helen died on the 16th of stomach cancer and Les died of Parkinson’s on the 17th. These wonderful people met when they were in high school and eloped, ignoring people that said that they wouldn’t survive their marriage because of their different backgrounds at that time; Helen being a working-class woman who sold real estate and Les being a wealthy photographer. Their son, Les Brown Jr. said that both would not want to live on after one had died. Their joint memorial service will be this Saturday.

As sad as it is to not be able to talk to these people and ask them about their beautiful story, I kind of find it bittersweet that they wanted to die together, being two souls so intertwined, they finally got to be with each other in the afterlife. 

This is a much better love story than any Nicholas Spark’s novel I know of! 


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